Grand Valley Lakes subdivision is a growing gated community in Hardeman County, TN. It has three scenic lakes within the property; Grand Valley Lake is approximately 125 acres, Gin Pond Lake is approximately 20 acres and Duffer Lake is the smallest. Great fishing is available to anyone who enjoys having these amenities close to home all year. There are also many other activities in the community including a Ladies Club, Member Library and Workout Facility. At Grand Valley Lakes, you can stay active all year long or enjoy peace and quiet of West Tennessee county living at its best.

You can enjoy a slower paced rural life that can include walking for fitness, bird watching, and even sighting a deer or two; a nice change from the throb of city traffic and schedules. There is a volunteer fire department, Grand Valley Volunteer Fire Department, located just outside the Grand Valley Lakes gate. Air-Evac Helicopter services are available to get you to the hospital quickly and safely.

The Ladies Club meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month to plan special events and have group activates to bring the residents together. They exchange general and family information, ideas, and have a lot of fun living here in Grand Valley Lakes Subdivision. If you enjoy history or even genealogy, Grand Valley Lakes Community also is the home of historic Cemetery.

Water, maintenance fees, and real estate prices are very reasonable in Grand Valley Lakes Subdivision. Lots can be purchased at very affordable prices from both Property Owner’s Association and individuals. There is a house section for those that prefer to build and there is a mobile home section for those that prefer pre-built homes. If interested in purchasing a property that is available contact the office at: 405 Grand Valley Drive, Saulsbury, TN 38067 or call us 731-376-0116 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




How can you help??        If you see something, say something; suspicious activity, a person, a vehicle...CALL THE GATE or the sheriff's department.

GVL Gate: 731-376-8333      Non Emergency Sheriff: 731-658-3971      EMERGENCY: 911

Stay informed about our community, get the NextDoor APP for your phone (like CODE RED but just for this area)