The purchase of property within the Grand Valley Lakes Subdivision makes you a member of the Property Owners Association. This membership entitles you to certain privileges and requires specific obligations. The following is a brief overview for anyone interested in enjoying ownership in the Grand Valley Lakes Community.

1. Grand Valley Lakes has fees and/or obligations that are due on a yearly basis. All obligations are due on April 1st of each year. (Fee schedule attached.) These fees and/or obligations are subject to change. (Failure to receive a statement does not alleviate any obligations)

2. Homeowners have a one-time fee for water deposit and water hookup. Fee is dependent on new home or existing home.

3. Proof of an approved septic system by the Hardeman County health Department is required before water will be connected. 

4. All building plans must be submitted to the office for approval by the Architectural committee. Mobile and/or modular homes require prior approval before entering Grand Valley Lakes Subdivision. 

5. A recorded copy of the deed is required on file in the POA office.

6. A set of By-laws and Restrictive Covenants are available at the POA office. We strongly advise that each property owner obtain and read thoroughly.

7. All new homeowners are required to come by the office, located at 405 Grand Valley Drive, and fill out a form notifying of date and location of prospective move, All obligations must be current and we will issue vehicle decals to the property owners.

We are continually striving to keep Grand Valley Lakes a community of choice in West Tennessee. With your cooperation and the cooperation of those who are currently property owners, we can continue to make this happen. 

Property Owner’s Association (POA) Dues and Fees*

Effective April 1, 2019

Membership Dues            $367.99

Resident Water                $298.56 Plus Tax ($327.67)

Water Availability**          $118.03 Plus Tax ($129.54)

Boat Stickers

Motorized (including trolling motor)         $30.00

Non-Motorized boats                              $10.00

Current Boat sticker purchased AFTER May 31st will result in a $20.00 late fee for ALL WATERCRAFT

Rates Effective as of April 1, 2019. All Dues and Fees are due April 1st of each year.

Marina Slips

Marina Slip Annual Fee       $300.00 Plus Tax ($329.25)


Building Permits must be purchased for new home construction and additions of 400 square feet or more. New homes must be in the dry with roof material and siding complete within 120 days of permit issue date. After the 120 days, there will be $10.00 fine per day until the project meets GVL requirements. During the construction, the job site must be kept clean of all trash, and the weeds cut. A fee of $50.00 per incident will be assessed if the site is not maintained.

Note: The house plans and plot plans must be approved through the Grand Valley Lakes POA office prior to construction before a permit will be issued. All Amended and Restated restrictive Covenants must be adhered to. "The GVL required permit does not replace any permit that is issued from Hardeman County". These must be purchased separately.

New Home Water Connection Fees

Connection           $400.00

Deposit                 $200.00

Deposit returned upon Disconnect if all obligations are current. Otherwise, the deposit will be returned after being in good standing consecutively for a three (3) year period. 

New Home Owner to Existing Home Water Connection Fee

Connection           $50.00

Deposit                 $200.00

Deposit returned upon disconnect if all obligations are current.

Extra Vehicle Decals

$5.00 with proof of ownership of more than 2 Vehicles